Some Paper Cutting Fun

I have  a Brother  Scan N Cut cutter -  Love this machine -
I bought just before Halloween a Haunted Forest theme kit for 6.99 from -   provided all the cuts needed to make a cute house - stands a good 10" high and is a ball to put together - much like a puzzle - even after watching the tutorial I  glued some of the pieces backwards but saved it any - its like sewing  - the first one takes longer and a lot of errors later - but  when you go to make another your ready to roll - there is a good tutorial but I should have laid out my pieces and watched it all the way through first - but we were so excited -  converting the svg to the scan n cut format took a while - lots of pieces - then we started cutting  -

My Granddaughter wanted me to make this - suddenly it was just me making it !  but having a ball putting it together and learning more about my machine

so far I have most of the house (even if it is backwards) and started putting the base together - all thin construction paper and colored pattern paper -( I did not cut or install the inside liners - I'll do that next time -

  but next time I want to buy the Halloween paper from Graphic45 : for a more visual effect

but what paper I had around the house looks pretty good too .... (the scissors are more for weight while the glue was drying - everything else is cut by my cutter


  1. Great fun. Unfortunely I fell, in hospital and start rehab today. Bummer. Tripped over my dog.

    1. O - I hope your better soon - Yes know the feeling - didt have a great story when I broke my wrist - slipped getting out of tub .....

  2. Looks great. I love playing around with paper.