Busy weekend - but not for crafts

Busy weekend - my daughter had knee surgery on Friday - got postponed from 10am to almost 1pm so we were in the hospital from 8am to almost 5pm  - all day long ........ but she came out of it well and happy - and knee looking good and she is already up and about on crutches

I scored big time this weekend on bottles - some specialty Beer Bottles  from  my Niece from a Brewery in a local town close by  - little brown jugs and they have enamel labels which I love
cant wait to flatten these babies into something - maybe spoon rests or I may make a ceramic tray so I can make a dish from them 

then the big haul of the WISERS whiskey bottles from my daughers inlaws 
I started washing and getting the labels off but there were soooooo many I ended up with about 15 - these are the best wide clear cheese trays and I use my pattern - (if I can figure out what the heck I am doing wrong - either not enough boron or problem with the ceramic pattern ) either way - big score 
then on sunday spent some time with granddaughter crafting again - she loves my scan n cut machine 
making a wreath of paper snowflakes cut from the machine 

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