Not enough hours in the day !!! to play

too busy at work - too busy with other personal things - such as my granddaughters 14th birthday  party over the weekend - seemed to last forever
shop on Friday (my 1st vacation day )  came back to put together more items for my show - ran out of card stock - so that was put on hold
cleaning and cutting grass - seemed to last forever
early mornings  - t the party - 8 kids mostly 14 years old - they swam and had dinner - played around and then 4 of them slept over in the camper (and got eaten by mosquitoes) they came back into the house at 4:30 am   (dog did not bark)  and then again at 5:30  - dog barked his head off -  I got up as they wanted to go swimming and I dont like not being awake and watching the pool-   at 8am I went to the studio till about 10:30  (when we scheduled the big breakfast )

I did get a couple things done I wanted
the proper sets of pink earrings to match the pendants  (7 pair - not bad )

5 small turtles

4 large turtles

1 eye (which I'm not that happy with ) but its an eye

 if you wonder about the hole at the corner of the eye - I am working a teardrop into it

I put together some amphora faces as necklaces on cards (before I ran out) still need more

I still have lots of dicro to redo and put on cards, plus make up another bubble necklace before Saturday
It already Monday and I am choosing  a pedicure over racing home - but I did pick up cardstock !!!
at Michaels at lunch

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