Just building and organizing

I was not feeling well most of the weekend - had my granddaughter for Saturday  but putzed around moving things here and there  - keeping her busy  -  one thing I wanted to do was  to reorganize my frits for fusing  now that I am playing with them again - its hard to see them on a shelf all stacked up so I decided to build another shelf - like the one I did for my enamels
enamel shelving

my enamel station- the4 x 8 sheet of ply on 2x4 shelves - its on wheels so I can move around - and the flat back holds those pull out boxes for storage - I'll have to show another time 

this one for frits is going to sit on top of an already built table  - and will be adding more shelves tonight - ran out of wood and didnt feel like going for a drive - I should get all my bullseye frits, (powder, #02 and shards ) onto this frame - plus maybe some of system 96 which I have a ton of as well 

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