November is Flying by

With getting things moved from the studio and other items for winter, and my brother in the hospital  and now my furnace not working properly  (twas very cold when I got home last night)
Made these spirals with intent on some wire weaving - I started - I'll post a pick this weekend of a finished one
- who has time to do much around the house.

I did get my new wire weaving book so very excited about that - looks to be great projects -cant wait to play if I have time


I did get some more etched copper sheet up on etsy along with some etched copper pendants and a single bracelet -  which is a step in the right direction

On the weekend did two  batches of lampwork
Batch one was shiny reactive beads and stil playing as I really dont know what I want to make but need filler beads 
2nd batch was raku and lentils 
and more filler beads 

- but I did get to play with the crystals and the notched copper washers from Beaducation  (the gems I picked up at the TBS show just for this purpose)
and I tried out my new camera lens and cloud dome for the iphone - quick and easy project 


  1. Loving the etched pieces, the coloured ones really POP!

  2. Thanks so much for the info on etching -- especially the copper pipes! I bought some PnP paper that I haven't used yet, and I just bought some alcohol inks to try coloring some etched pieces I want to jazz up. This is going to be a fun week! Thanks again for the inspiration!