Homemade Wink of stella

Making home made what is called wink of stella these pens are sort of sparkle pens and I use the clear on everything cost is around 10.00 per pen At the last crop my table mate  said there was a you tube on how to make at home and I found it and I had all the materials at home The most important is mica powder and I had bottles of pearl ex mixed with alcohol and water and some gum Arabic as a binder and voila I filled old wink of stella pens (I never throw out as I thought to use as water brushes) and the home made works just as well as the store bought . The pearled macro pearl is what I am using for the clear runs about 14.00 cdn if not cheaper plus dollar store alcohol (next time using high alcohol content like 99 with water or straight 50% ) and gum Arabic I'll have to work out the proportions but it's how I mix a bit of this and that but made up a small container of each color . Hardly used up the pearled powder cant tell the difference


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