Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Making Bracelets- Spoon bending tool

My 1" 18g Copper blanks are on order and should have by Friday to share
I got my How to Make Fork Braceletes DVD today and it had items I knew I would have to do and few cool tips on bending and prepping the bracelet.  A great tool it had in the video was a "Spoon Bender" This little item is cool and I ended up buying on Ebay today . Some might think a bit pricy but think its worth it - think  about the time to run around and find all the parts and this way its all put together and will work without testing.  I think I would spend more in gas and time finding all the right parts -
Here is pic and the link to get one. (or just type spoon bender in ebay) I'm going home to find my stash of forks
 (and I know exactly where they are in my studio for a change) I bet I bought them 10 years ago. I'll put up a pic tonight.


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