Zentangle Etching - Using PnP Blue Paper

The PnP paper is used as a resist for  etching Circuit Boards but can be used as a metal resist as well.
Here is what the paper looks like. Its vibrant blue - and the one side is dull and you can scrape the blue off the plastic backing.

You can print anything you want on the paper - I like to fill it up and in this case with my Zentangle pattern.
I take my copper stamping and cut around it to get my piece for ironing on .

You put the black toner face down onto the copper blank

Using an iron (same as with the transparency toner) you iron it onto the copper.  Same instructions.  Heat up and burnish with edge of iron. But its not as much work as the transparencies and does not take quite as long and the image left is very dense.
Hard to see here but its a deep navy blue.

I made up some and put them into the larger Ferric Chloride bath using packing tape and the resist side down into the bath. You don't have to submerge, you can just make them touch the surface.

So now I have to wait - I did the transparency ones for about 5 hours - I think I'll leave these ones for longer - may be all night - I have left stuff too long and it virtually ate it away so I may have to set my clock and get up for 2 or 3 am - why so long... old  used ferric chloride - I have fresh but I'll just use this up.  I could add citric acid and put an aerator (like the kind for fish tanks ) to move the ferric chloride and it would help to speed things up.

Pic of what the pages looked like after cutting - still more pieces can be used for another time.

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