Copper Bracelet Blanks - for Etching

I picked up my copper bracelet blanks from the metal shop tonight
I had them cut as they only charge 10.00 for shear cutting the sheet for me
so that works out to  (10.00/75 each ) about .14 each (well worth my time) as they cut straight and the edges are clean to start with.
So I have 25 x 6"   25 x 6.5"  and 25 x 7"  giving me a range for small, medium and large bracelets and more than enough to keep me busy over the winter months.

I think the next batch will be 1" or maybe 1.25" wide in the same lengths. I also have a GRS Bracelet Former coming -

Blurb on GRS Bracelet Former

Shapes flat strips of metal to a perfect "C" shape after you’ve engraved your designs.
eatures a soft alloy die seat that supports pressure from the die without distorting your engraving work (die seat can be reformed by heating when necessary).
imple to use: place one end of stock under the die, press down on the handle, and work stock through the former, shaping until you create the desired "C" shape.

Includes two different fixed punches and one adjustable die cavity to form bracelets measuring 0.25"–1.25" in width. Recommended for 0.030"–0.080" thick soft metals such as gold, silver and copper. Made in USA.

Did I mention a company called  located in Etobicoke has some items like Rio Grande for Jewelry Making - great place to order from.

I'm falling behind on making and testing items as I'd like to keep my blog going with at least as many as there are days in the month.  I'll have to come up with another few before the end of tomorrow.

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