Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Powder on Fiber paper - capped

I capped it - now I  want to do a background ?  

next ones I'll put powder between the puddles andsee how that works out

Pretty darn happy about this one

Now to repeat and hope to get same results

Friday, July 24, 2015

Dragon Eyes - yet again

The three for today

and played with powder frit - needed to try again to get the puddles - starting to get it 


I have the 7 below  one at the house and 3 in the kiln only need 1 more to make an even dozen for the week -  want to make about 25 in total 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yet More Dragon Eyes

Trying to keep to the schedule of doing 2 per night -  I did three last night

The first I did as traditional

then  I had drawn something and tried to make similar -  more of a fan effect over the lid

Its not exactly what I wanted - will need more work but they look ok for eyes

the holes as I mentioned are for a crystal to hang from the corner of the eye like a tear

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dragon Eyes

More Dragon eyes - I promised myself to do two a night minimum till all the irises are used up - which I hope to do by the weekend so I can make some more

Monday, July 20, 2015

HOT Weekend

Was totally hot this weekend - but stayed close to the pool-  My grandaughters 6th birthday to attend on Saturday - so that was  a busy day - ending in jumping in the pool.

Sunday monrning - put away a lot of stuff I pulledout for the show last week - cleaning up and finding my work benches and sorting through some things - hot hot hot in the studio -  but kept at it with one break to  the pool

Sat down and made one dragon eye - still on the mandrel this morning

 then wanted  to make more irises but searched and searched for my paints -  DUH - I had not brought them up from the house since winter storage.

Sat down and make some Irises so I can make more dragon eyes this week
took them out of the kiln this morning (turned them over to see the results -  
note that not all are perfetcly round - long as they are close - they melt anyway 

Monday, July 13, 2015


Had a great show weekend - the temp was high and sun was hot hot hot
Stifling heat on both Saturday and Sunday - tent or not - no wind - was extremely hot
But a good weekend - no rain

I started out with my stuff as usually on the table with two corner grids
was ok but I still had not put out the braclets  properly 
they were all in the basket at bottom of the one grid system 
so then I added a small table I had to display the bracelets (in the boxes) 
still did not like it 

so by the afternoon - I opened the one corner of the grid and brought the table inside the tent (so the sun could not heat up the metal - hard to touch when hot) 
looked better 
the next day I added one more grid system and spread out the hearts and dichro better - liked this the best - in fact will add three more to take to end and corner  
then on other side I did same with main table 
the items in the slanted display and the other copper pendants will be on cards next 
the bracelets still not happy with display and I still had one table up so I moved the fish to their own table by end of day but I decided that I want no tables other than my packing /pay table (small)  and a full U shaped grid system with a shelf to display the necklaces on will be more effective to show everything - so I still have to come up with something for the cuffs to display from the grid system (and that I have in mind) I ran out of hooks so I could only display with more than one on each hook for some items 
but all in all a good show to help me figure out my display system 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Not enough hours in the day !!! to play

too busy at work - too busy with other personal things - such as my granddaughters 14th birthday  party over the weekend - seemed to last forever
shop on Friday (my 1st vacation day )  came back to put together more items for my show - ran out of card stock - so that was put on hold
cleaning and cutting grass - seemed to last forever
early mornings  - t the party - 8 kids mostly 14 years old - they swam and had dinner - played around and then 4 of them slept over in the camper (and got eaten by mosquitoes) they came back into the house at 4:30 am   (dog did not bark)  and then again at 5:30  - dog barked his head off -  I got up as they wanted to go swimming and I dont like not being awake and watching the pool-   at 8am I went to the studio till about 10:30  (when we scheduled the big breakfast )

I did get a couple things done I wanted
the proper sets of pink earrings to match the pendants  (7 pair - not bad )

5 small turtles

4 large turtles

1 eye (which I'm not that happy with ) but its an eye

 if you wonder about the hole at the corner of the eye - I am working a teardrop into it

I put together some amphora faces as necklaces on cards (before I ran out) still need more

I still have lots of dicro to redo and put on cards, plus make up another bubble necklace before Saturday
It already Monday and I am choosing  a pedicure over racing home - but I did pick up cardstock !!!
at Michaels at lunch

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


The winner of the June Give-A-Way is Daryl Adams   of Adams Handcrafted Jewelery - check out his blog -he does some great wire wrapping

I have contacted him through his blog but just in case - Daryl email me with your mailing address and I will send out your prize !

Congratulations and thank you all for entering -  A new give-a-way for  July will be up shortly