Zentangle Etched PnP - cleaned pieces

Yup got up at 4:00 a.m. and out to the studio - it was 9 hours - but that does not mean I leave it 9 hours every time.  Dependant upon fresh chemical, if I added citric acid, if I aerate it  etc.. you normally would keep an eye on it and I don't always do the get up in the middle of the night - although it just mean I'm excited to get something done and see what the results are - I like those days

Cleaned up pieces (note that I also neutralized in baking soda) I used a dremel with a copper head brush and got the coolest patina - cleaning with the brush created some heat and the copper makes this really cool purply patina.  Once I use the steel wool to clean more it will be gone.  I can use these to enamel with, rivet other pieces onto or just create a pendant - put a hole to the top for a simple pendant.  But I will want to seal them.  I guess I could seal them now with a cover coat of clear  (or resin) and keep the colors... or use the black enamel to highlight the lines like in a regular zentangle pattern, or use the coloured wax sealers   called  Gilders Paste - so many options.....- we will see ..... I will be making more

Th PnP does put a better resist on the copper

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