Monday, September 3, 2012

Etched Copper and Alcohol Inks

I have a bunch of alcohol inks I've had for years (yes years - maybe 10?)  so I decided to do some test pieces.

I poured different colours

this one was a single color

this one a mix

after drying - sanded and then dipped in permalac ef - note that the permalac thined the colors and it ran - sort of looked cool as these alcohol inks are transparent - I like the effect 

the single color although not as vibrant as the other patinas - gives a different kind of effect 

this sampler came out really nice with the red/orange/yellow the centre of this piece is not as deep so it did not keep color when sanded - I could fix - but these were to give me an idea of what I can do with the alcohol inks.


  1. I have similar results with the alcohol inks. They like to bleed! I really like the colors you got in the last one! I'm still looking for the best way to seal them. I read somewhere that they need to be heat-sealed, like with an embossing tool, but haven't looked into it further.

  2. I'll have to check it out - I read that somewhere too about heat sealing - I think it bled as it was not dry yet - and I have no patience when trying things new - like to make as many mistakes as possible - the last one was dry when I dipped -

  3. couldn't you clear coat the piece once it's dry?? i love working with copper and many like the shiny rather than patina's on it.. so I thought I'd try the inks, dry it with an emboss gun and then clear coat it.

  4. rustoleum krystal clear enamel wont make it run after the ink is dry