Reverse Zentangle texture stamp for clay

I rolled out some clay the other day when I was making my hearts and connectors - was just playing to see samples of the unmounted rubber stamp on clay.

Decided I wanted a reverse stamp /texture plate - can do this with polymer clay as well.

I rolled it out and stamped the whole sheet -  I did not watch as closely as I should have while drying so its not perfectly flat - but I can stamp from various sections. plus I want to use it as a mold for firing glass - I'll coat it with primer etc... but I'm ahead of myself (the brain just keeps on trying for new ideas to use this for)

Here is the  bisque reverse texture stamp for clay or for molding glass ( I will make shapes and put on top and let them melt - of course you have to use a primer like Primo to ensure it does not stick ) so should be doing that soon- will have to use my bigger fusing kiln as this is 8-1/2 x 11 in size and I can place a lot of pieces on the one sheet for fusing on -  There is also the glass clay I have that I may finally use for something.

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