Zentangle Etched Copper Cuff - Tester

Here is finished bracelet - I get to keep as its not perfect I was quick to cut and etch so its not perfect (its the only way I get to keep something)

How I made it :
My order of copper sheet  has not come as yet but I did have some copper in the studio ( I have a lot of copper in the studio - probably didn't need to order)

Its 18g but its 6" x 12" which means I need to cut it.
I measured out the length I wanted - 6-1/2"  x 2 " (used a metal pin to score the metal - nail will do as well) and I cut using a small metal shear (I have no idea where I bought but I bought it in the USA when I lived there 7 years ago)  just google metal shear - they run under 200.00 but well worth it when cutting straight pieces of metal. And I hate cutting with a hand saw.
I took the piece and trimmed the corners (nipped the corners off with metal hand shears) then used a file to file down the edges and round out the corners.

I then traced out the shape and cut my PnP zentangle sheet.  I cleaned the copper piece with 0000 steel wool and cleaned that with windex after (keeping my fingers off the surface)  I then ironed on the PnP zentangle pattern to the metal.  Let it cool and then took the PnP plastic off.  I had a couple of areas I touched up using the  StopOut I mentioned in one of my earlier posts to touch up any spots that had missing resist.

I put packing tape on the back of the metal piece and made sure it was secure and then suspended it into the Ferric Chloride (just suspend on the surface)

Left it for about 8 hours (my solution is weakening and I'm not using heat - but I had all day )

Took out of etch and washed off (make sure you wear gloves it stains the hands) neutralized with baking soda.

Took goo gone to the back to clean off the sticky residue from the tape and then used acetone to clean off the PnP blue from the front.

So now its cleaned up and I need to bend - I have bracelet forming  pliers (but I want to find something that will bend even easier and I've got a Cindy's bracelet bender coming) but these worked well

Once formed I can apply the finish (I didnt not want to 'bite' into the finish when I was forming) pre finish - bent

finished with bronze gilders paste (seals the metal and colors it. I did dap the back with a texture hammer.
Both sides I did with the gilders paste.

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