Thursday, July 5, 2018


Yes I have been missing in action
Have I torched in past almost year - no
Have I turned on the kiln in almost a year - no
What the heck !

Starting last year in July - right after my one show - I contracted shingles so for about 4 months was really ill and tired - but still had to go to my day job which just tired me out more.

My work at the last minute had to move - so had to move a production facility  to a new location  between Nov 15 and dec 15  - what a chore - but we got it done - but I contracted bronchitis and was sick from before Christmas  till almost march
and of course for a few months after the move  getting things organized and certified etc..

then we wanted to go ISO which should take a good year  to build and implement - was reduced down to 2 months - so not only did I have my reg job that takes about 60 hrs  a week   I started to add more hours for ISO - up to 100 hrs a week  total  to keep up  and cancelled any holidays I was going to take for the summer

so that has been going on so no time to really do much of anything and still not 100% ISO is not finished as yet not till end of this month but now were adding  participating in the training and set up our our manufacturing  section with new accounting software - and next week three days of ISO Internal auditor training .

my one show is coming up in july and I have nothing  made - nothing - and I needed new glass plates, glass candles and jewelery - so not sure if I am going now.   I so want to make somethings but now no time. 

Although I have been playing with paper and doing some crops just to take a break - and I love playing with paper .

I hope that once this month is over I can actually start to make things again in my studio .

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Articulated Paper Dolls

Using my Scan N Cut to  cut out the paper dolls - some I'll color myself (brings back memories )  I printed on card stock and then just scanned and my machine cut them out - voila ! Packaging them up for future use - I also did some vintage regular paper dolls as well and clothes

Shredded Money coaster

 I tried out my new silicone coaster mold - got it off amazon(want to use it with resin and alcohol inks ) I got some shredded money out the back of our office in the parking lot - we have a recycling plant next door - so grabbed a few handfuls off the ground - since cdn money is plastic - worked great - it floats to the top so maybe next time I may let it start to set up before pouring maybe a darker color background

More Eggs

Finishing up some eggs - nice and shiny - going to a Pysanky show this satruday should be interesting . My Gran daughter and I  spending the day together

Friday, April 6, 2018

Playing with Eggs

tuesday nights boo boo

success on thursday - the colors are old and I need to freshen up to get a good black - the one I am using comes out a purple of sorts

Oddly I think I did better a few years ago making eggs

Monday, April 2, 2018

Younger Grand daughter first year for Pysanky eggs

Better late than never - we did pysanky eggs on the Saturday morning - It was Ava's first year to make pysanky egs using the hot wax with kiska method - she did rather well - we did them on hard boiled which means we have to destroy them to eat them this week  but we promised we would start to make more  during the year -  the colors were a bit mute - since they were about 2 years old  - the black actually is a dark purple now and the scarlet like a coral - which were really nice so we may keep those for a while - but we will use empty eggs in future so we can save them

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Again - Getting better at Resin and Wood rings

Loving the Forstner bits  and my polishing  station  I did up this final ring last weekend

its in oak with the green from the miniature grass  I got a michaels and printed a castle on acetate  and place it inside before pouring 

Getting better at the sanding the shank and shining the resin back up to clear 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Getting Better at the Resin and Wood Rings

Picked up a set of Forstner bits  and what a difference they make

nice smooth drilling and holes 

This time I used oak and broke the wood better - used the triangle method seemed to work best in the vise 

I had difficulties making the ring shank even the last time but I had a clear resin button I made from a mold that worked perfect for centering and making the edge even to use the marker around so I had a line for sanding evenly 

worked great - then I sanded using 400, 800, 1000 and 2000 grit wet sandpaper 
 then went to the studio to buff it up 

I forgot I bought a bench polisher last year from Princess auto so it turned out great 

used tripoli first then some Zap polish came up nice 
then came back down to the house and used my lap mandrel with my dremel to sand down the inside of the ring 
stained the wood with a minwax stain   then sealed with minwax paste wax and buffed it up 

so had a great day and did a second one 

very happy with todays results - although the green had specks in I'll have to figure that out 

Friday, March 16, 2018

resin and wood rings

Still working on resin and wood rings

I got the blanks all done but I tried to use the spade drill bits  with my drill press and made a mess - in fact I got wacked with the blank in the thunb and that stung and it was so cold in the studio I gave up

Decided I would try using a hand drill with the bits.  The spade really tears into word and it was suggested to get forstner bits
spade bit  vs 
forstner - as you can see would cut smoother 

But anyway - I put the blanks in my vise to hold them and used the hand drill to cut the holes - now I know what they mean about the spades not great for making ring holes -  splintered a bit on cutting - and one of the blanks cracked - now  I was using cheap old pine  2" x 3/4  so its pretty soft - but I just wanted to try  making  a ring

so after cutting the hole - a bit frustrating but at least done   then used the band saw to cut excess

then I took them into the house and  sanded them down with the new toy   - did a really bad job rounding out the ring form

then set to task using  220 to 1000 grit sandpapers to shine up

Hard to see but they are shiny but  so many bubbles - mostly becuase this was not sealed wood and will do that next   but all in all a very good technique learning experience - with sanding , polishing and buffing -  all the Sandpapers  220, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 2000 I found at Canadian Tire in the car sections for sanding cars  - as they only had heavier duty papers in the tool section - then bought minwax floor polish in the wax tin  version to shine them up - wow really worked - I have a bunch of cloth mops I need to put onto a motor - got one cheap at princess auto - so I am going to convert it from a grinder to a buffing/polishing station - and I have a small  one as well and would prefer it all in one place - like the studio rather than some in studio and some in the house

All in all  the process  was not bad at all - I think better wood to start with would have been better - less chipping - and getting the forstner bits will help too and practice sanding and maybe make a template for sanding the ring hole better 

another issue are the bubbles and maybe too much dye in the resin to be able to see - making a pressure pot this weekend  and going to try out the oak tonight with resin and see how that goes 

I found some 2" x 3/4"  oak  and poplar at home depot 

A good video to watch -

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Resin and wood rings - next steps

I raced home last night with anticipation to drill the hole in my ring blank to find I could not find the chuck key for my drill press - so disappointed -

 So  I broke some more wood (I think this stuff is pine and is weathered from being outside )  and decided to make a couple more blanks
and I colored some resin - 
and tonight I will sand down to blanks 

I went and picked up a chuck key  from Canadian Tire ( the one that was on fire this morning )  so I can change out my drill press for the spade drill piece that will drill out the ring hole in the wood 
so about 1/2 hour of sanding and I'll be able to drill 3 ring blanks and spend the night sanding and hoping for at least one ring for tomorrow 

I did go to Home Depot after Canadian Tire  and picked up some  2" x 3/4 " oak and a piece of same size poplar to maybe have a better piece of wood to try out  too 
so I will be hoping to break a few pieces tonight and get resin onto them  for tomorrow 
If this works out - I hope it to be my new line this year 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Onto the next project - wood and resin ring 3d images

so onto making a ring - basic wood and resin  no add ons this time to show trees etc  I went with simple

found the wood up outside the studio and cut and broke a piece

I  used packing tape around the wood  and added some  Pinata baja blue alcohol ink to the color it

just to be careful I put it in a silicone cup in case it leaked 

I pulled it out after a couple of hours 

 then I peeled off the tape and sanded 

basic 220 sanded down on all sides with my new toy 
found a couple of air pockets that were open after sanding so I had to make a small batch and fill those in and will be sanded again tonight 
my new sander -  regular 229  at cdn tire on sale for 129  great deal 
runs like a charm
very versatile machine angle bench on the disc sander section  and the 4" x 36  can stand up as well 
and you can attach a dust collector to it as well (shop vac is what I use )

so last night I went to home depot to get a few things 
pressure release valve for my pressure pot 
the abs fittings to make the pot 
glue for abs 
and a spade bit kit 10 pcs  for making the holes for the rings was 19.99 
came in various sizes so it should cover all the ring sizes - I hope - rather than just picking out certain sizes