Fork Bracelet with Dichroic Glass - 1st attempt

Ok- so I have not received my "How to make fork bracletes" DVD yet  and I so want to try my hand at making one.

I took a fork and decided I'd give it a try .

Not the nicest (needs some finishing to grind out dents from pliers)  but it gave me an idea of how hard  it was to bend the tines of the fork, form/bend the handle, played at buffing  -finally set up my Foredom bench motor properly with buffs and did some buffing to bring up the shine.
I used one of my fused dicroic pieces.    I am somewhat pleased- used a piece of copper pipe to bend the tines down to 90 degree and then used some round nose pliers to turn the ends  - now I am really anxious for the DVD to arrive to see what tools and tips to use to easily  make a fork bracelet.As you know if you use the right tools and are given some tips - it makes the process easier.

My sisters days of waiting for one may be over !

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