Sunday, May 1, 2016

Nothing out of the studio this weekend

Been a bit sick all week - daughter got me out on Saturday to go to the market but then home to sleep  and then  sleep all Sunday

I did clean and organize some scrapbooking stamp pads but that was about it

Hopefully I feel better this week and can get up to the studio to do some glass - both fusing and lampworking to get me back into the swing of things - starting to warm up now

Monday, April 25, 2016

Taking a Scrapbooking class at Class Act in Oshawa

On Saturday  May 14th  

taking the class to make this  beautiful album - called Seaside Serenity - I cant wait to play with stamps and paper again

Its a small album with multiple pages all with the same beautiful floral  theme 
they still have openings if anyone else interested - its 75.00   and you get the kit but you need to buy a few things  - not much really - so cant wait 

Friday, April 22, 2016

BK #4 - another load

Very happy with the kiln and feeling friendly with it now - easy to use Bartlett V6 controller - is marvelous compared to all the other controllers I've been using -

Highly recommend to Canadians the Tucker - Cone Art Kiln - well made (we bumped and pushed this baby up stairs - into a car and then into the studio  and it held up well)  repair to coils easy  - so very happy with my used purchase

Yes just more bottles for now but I think that will be it for a couple of weeks - want to work on some nice bowls  - or other items

the pile is really growing - hope to do more of those crystal holders soon

I sat in front of my torch - and cleaned the area a bit - so I could end up there on the weekend too

will be off to the creative festival on Saturday - just to relax and enjoy some fun with my 6 year old grand daughter

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

BK (Big Kiln) run #3

the pile is growing 

med size crown royal - looks kinda blah - will need to do something with it 

I melted the handle kinda funky  but the enamel stayed on 

tonights load - two sizes of crown royal - a lava cloth and another brown jug with enamel on 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Big Kiln ! 2nd run

Sundays Run - Turned out great as well - added more bottles this time
so the pile is growing 
I have a batch of bottles in - more fitted this time 
I think about 8 this time 
has a brown jug with enamel on - and a crown royal bottle to see how they turn out 

but I will be doing a set with the pattern ceramic this week as well 
putting it on at 6:30 pm the night before - means I get to open the following night 
I check on it to make sure its running ok and again in the morning 

getting used to it now so I can start to do some other things with it than bottles 

Tempered Glass test #2 - Crystal Candle holder

so the results of test # 2 (was 1/2 c A 1/2C B and just a little less than 1/4 c methyl hydrate )

turned out ok -  - I can see the tile at the bottom - the hole itself is pretty small  so

1.  still too much
2. a bit too thin
3. think I really need that 5 x 5 tile so the center is bigger


Looks like a big crystal 

can see the tile at bottom but opening is too small 

so once I get more tempered glass  the next test will be 
1/8 cup (two tablespoons) methyl hydrate 
1/4 cup part A
1/4 cup part B
but I want to find 5 x 5 tiles

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Tempered Glass & Resin Candle results

The ice candle results were not 100% - but look pretty awesome

the awesome picture after I beat it up 

Too much epoxy - too thick epoxy  - it ran to bottom  and accumulated- too much  - and it seeped into near the base because it was too thick - you can see the fatish top edges where too much epoxy

but I beat it up and got a pretty nice result on the outside  - - its thicker the bottom but that wont stop me from putting a small glass and candle in the center

Today mix is less (did a full 2 cups yesterday ) today is only 1 cup in total and even that seems to be too much for one candle -  I did  1/2 cup of part A   1/2 cup part B and 1/4 (just under the rim ) of methyl hydrate - was a pretty thin mix

Poured 1/2 cup of the mixture onto the tile

when I finished pouring - I still had 1/2 cup left  - so will see if  1/2 cut thinner is too much as well - I think I may be heavy handed here thinking I need lots - but tomorrow we will see

so next batch for a single will be 1/4 cup of A  1/4 cup of B  and will see if the need to 1/2 the 1/4 cup of the methyl hydrate - will have to see how it ran