Sunday, September 21, 2014

Electroformed Eyes

Not sure if I like - may start all over and lower the amps to a smoother coating - was going for the grainy style but not sure

need to find a more creamy/ivory for around the eyes

More Eyes

Was able to make two more eyes plus just the pupil then ran out of propane
Was pouring out so I didnt make my way down to steal the BBQ tank till later

will be prepping the horns for electroforming later

these are made out of Boro and I have put a loop/bead at the back for hanging

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Boro Painted Eye

Today I painted some boro sheet for eyes and did a proto this afternoon
Because I have such a variety of glass I like to write on the glass what it is in case I mix it up - system 96 and boro look very similar as well as 104 and bullseye

I cut up 1" squares

then cut the corners off 

cleaned them and prepped them for ink 
I like to use a bit of windex to clean them up  and I have a pencil outline to follow 
I then fire the black trace outline  and then apply color and fire again 

I put them on the hot plate - painted side up 

The "Slime" Green was ok but maybe I'll do a dark one tomorrow and maybe take time to finish the lid better - but I wanted to see the eye finished 

Friday, September 19, 2014

Only time for one more proto - eye

did another painted eye proto last night -  I am thinking of painting some more in different colours for the eyes - some in 104 and maybe even  on boro sheet - looks a bit lizardy - time to play I hope this weekend

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ottawa Bead Show Oct 18-19

I think I may be going to Ottawa with Jean of Nortel to help with their booth - and set up a small sampling of my beads in the booth -  O MY -  I need to get home and electroform my eyes and make some more up - gotta get busy . busy busy .......

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Dragon Eye out of the kiln

Well....   I pulled  my proto out of the kiln

not bad could be more even - I like the painted eye  and may etch the horns 

I just painted some round pieces  as they dont have to be perfect as the glass will melt around the edges 

Waiting for Kiln to cool

Just waiting for the kiln to cool

I did up some painted eye bases to go with the painted pieces for around the eye

Was a pretty good assembly -  the eye then the frame work and then added the painted glass

about 2 hours to go ..........

Made some more eyes and another set of painted pieces for around the eye  

very anxious to see the results