Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Keeping busy

Making more paper flowers with my scan n cut machine

then coloring and assembling for future usage

The etching is packed up ready to come to the house
The noibium set up is in the house and I should start on that mpossibly tonight as I have to make some earring wires for someone this week

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Preparing for classes

WEll it seems  I'll be doing a couple classes at my favorite scrapbooking store
I went today to take a Heartfelt Party class - they introduce the new dies and stamps at these classes
Made my cute fairy house card

and showed them my shoe and milk cartons 
Will be preparing and setting up classes with Class Act in Oshawa 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Cutting vinyl records

I really should be doing glass or metal but I have wanted to do this for so long
(these are not mine -  just samples ) 

I finally found some vinyl records - 3 for a 1$  and grabbed 45 of them - that should do me
didnt care what they were - some I even got a 2 record set

I laughed as I even got a recorded word disc for Jane fondas original workout - I dont have a record player so it will get used up

what I want to do this  
 for my granddaughters room 

I've watched them use the wood burning tool with sort of exacto blade head that heats up and I have seen them use a dremel tool with skinny cutter.grinder and someone with a hand saw 
so will test this out this weekend - probably make the template with my scan n cut - 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Getting Close

Cleaning areas and bringing things in and getting set up
got my basement area almost done and should be able to start lampworking again  in the house more work than I thought

cleaned up my paper area  and some kitchen area so I can set up the  niobium and the etching and start working on those items this week

so freeking cold going up to the studio and dragging stuff down - but starting to feel the pull of working in glass and metal again -

so stay tuned will be working this week to get things set up and started

Also -  Lori Anderson is starting up a new Bead Soup party for 2017 - I missed this and glad she is feeling better - its a huge job to take on coordinating but this should also help with the upmph needed to get the year started as well  cant wait to sign up !

Friday, January 6, 2017

Getting in Gear !!!!

So planning on 3 things to get done this weekend

gong to clean up my basement studio so I can do some lampworking when I want - its warm in the house and I need to just make sure the hoses are ok and I have a full propane tank  and clean up some cobwebs and dustbunnies

bringing in the niobium kits so I can make some earring wires and other things and to assemble what I already made  

bringing in the  etching solution and stamps as I need to make some earrings
so going to make sure I have all three stamps -to work with - have been  using two of the zentangle to make ceramic plates with

refresher on etching for earrings
if you remember I start with my 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of rubber stamp with my own zentangle images on (available on etsy) 
then I put the staz on white by patting it on - I like the white 
see image of the stamp pad (the pipe is just another thing I was doing at the time ) 
I had copper  blanks (18g) from Metalliferous 
that I cleaned and then pushed downonto the coated rubber stamp 
I did not want them too identical 
then I put them on packing tape and suspended them face down into the etching solution - 
you can fit a good few on each tape but in this case I only did 1 each - if you do put about 4 or 5 you will need to back up the tape with something solid like a nail file or  a tongue depressor to give it support - I find the dollar store files work great 
then after they have etched sufficiently 
take them off the tape and clean them up - I like a metal bursh - and split mandrel with sanpaper
now you can put holes in for earrings or pendants - shape them 

then seal them - I use the  permalac to dip them in 

so hoping to make about 20 pair this weekend 

Monday, January 2, 2017

More Paper shoes

Cant stop making these along with more petals cut on my scan n cut rather than the dies

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! Starting off 2017

I ended the day on 2016  playing with paper - at least crafting on the last day - something I should be doing
Using my Scan N Cut  I cut out milk carton patterns and decorated them along with a tote to put them in

then on New Years Day 
I found a cute shoe pattern I've wanted to do 
and made up two - Had great fun ! Hopefully this means ending and starting I'll get going on some new projects in glass and metal as well