Monday, April 6, 2020

Resin Cups - Shipwreck

another white painted  cup - and using electrical tape  taped it off to make  boards on a ship
I did the whole cup

Then I used a darker  brown  alcohol ink  and painted it on -  then used a clear seal  and pulled the  tape off 
I only sealed the upper half and applied the lighter brown to emulate wood   (the bottom half is going to be water )   the octopus I am going to put on is at the side - on clear waterslide 

I put the octopus on - 
was very  hard to see 

so decided to create it on white water slide and cut it out and overlay it 
I then applied  resin and alcohol inks for the ocean 
applied another section of octopus  and a bit more resin and inks 
not a great pic but  what it looks like finished 

More resins cups - nightmare before christmas tattoo - crime scene cups

I took 2 more of the white painted cups

I applied the NMBC tattoo - boy that was fun and awkward on these cups with the reduced bottom - 
the first half not so bad but still had some  cracks  but the second half what a mess

but luckily markers  worked to fill in and over wright - and used them as well to fill in the extra white spaces so it looked all linked
I got the tattoos from  12 of them for about 13.00 u.s.  the amazon canada was way high even with conversion and shipping 

you can really see the cracks and spaces 

I then did two crime scene cups - the first I put slashes of red - and I love that I did in a different red than the decals I made -   I put drips around the edge and printed more  blood splotches and the crime scene tape 

Here are the fronts - after resin 

Here are the backs after resin - the NBC cup  you cant tell at all there were spaces or cracks in the tattoo

More Resin Cups - Smoke & X-ray Flowers and a Pennywise cup

So I painted a nice couple of cups white - no drips - yeah !    (so I ended up with a few white based cups ) 

The first one I wanted to try was a "smoke" cup  where you use a little tea light and a piece of metal (knife) over the flame to cause it to smoke  and voila - you get a nice looking background to work with

I then sealed it with a clear  spray so it would not  move from holding it in my hands 
then I printed what are called x-ray flowers  and a phrase and butterflies and applied the waterslide decals to the cup sealed it again with a clear spray - so it wont lift while applying epoxy 

 image of x-ray flowers 

this pic is before resin 

Next I took another  white cup and applied Pennywise decal I printed and saying - sealed it and then epoxied it 

these pics are before resin 

after resin 
Here they are finished with lids 

Monday, March 16, 2020

More Resin Tumblers

Having fun making more resin tumblers
This weekend  finished two 

the first was another  honey bee cup (they wanted just Honey on the cup )

Next was another Feather cup 

Love making this 

Then I prepped and put the first coat of resin on a Pennywise cup 

and tried the smoke technique and waterslide x-ray flowers 

and I prepped a crime scene cup  that I hope to finish tonight and get resin on 

Monday, February 24, 2020

I'm Back - Almost a year

Over the past 2 years I have fallen behind in my crafts as well as blogging -  I have decided that its time to get back to  work and get some crafts started and my stock up for shows for this Year .

I  Have been playing with paper over the past few years and still enjoying it  and using my cutting machine.

So the first new things I have been creating are  Custom Resin cups - sprinkled with glitter and customized with images and sayings. 

to start I bought  (with 55% discount coupons )  3 of the We R  Spin Its   and  one off Amazon turners for the cups - as they must turn while you resin so they get an even coat of resin

(in the end  I had to modify the Spin its - because they are terrible to try and keep a cup on them and unable to really do the 30oz cups well )  If you look on you tube to how to upgrade your spin it  they have all the details on how to  fix the problems .

The First Cup  I did - I tried to keep it simple and follow some you tube instructions

I used modge podge as the base flue and put the glitter on -  then I sprayed it with a clear sealer - did another coat of modge podge and sealed it again -  then I put a layer of resin (ART RESIN)  and added some chunky glitter to it - let that spin and dry

then I sanded any  sharp parts (some were created by bubbles - I did not use a torch or my heat gun enough to pop  the bubbles that come to the surface )

Then I applied the  final coat of resin   and ta da  - my first cup was for my Daughter an 18oz cup I got at micheals  - reg 8.99 I got for 50% off
Was very happy with the results -  the glitter I got at michaels as well with coupons  (the spin it brand is great ) 

then I made another 18oz for my grand daugher with what she wanted on it 

Of course micheals had no more usable 18oz cups so I happened upon 30oz cups at Dollarama and started buying them up - Bigger is better - right -   I like a big glass of water or drink  so I ended up with almost a 100 cups 

The next cup I did the same method - here it is on a spiner drying 

then I made a custom sports cup for my daughter  for my grand daughters ringette 
its a ringetter silhouett with her nickname and number  and the other side of the cup  is  logo and number 

then I made my other grand daughter her nightmare before christmas cup 

I watched more videos and decided I needed to make a peacock feather  cup only this time   a different technique - spray painted the cup white and blue then you apply resin and sprinkle the glitter into the resin - let dry - apply the words and designs (in this case feathers)  then do another layer of resin 
(my friend took this one so I customized it with her name 
on the spinner- first coat resin over painted  white and blue cup

with feathers 

Next using the same technique it was paint the cup  a yellow gold - (this is so if anyting shows through you dont notice - so I sprinkles all gold holographic glitter on 
let that dry 

then I add stickers (I just happened to have extra red so I made them in red ) hexagons to represent the honeycomb and the drips at the top 
after I do that I spray the cup white  let dry and then do  alcohol inks   and use a clear sealer - then I peel the stickers off and it becomes a peek a boo cup  you can see the the original base glitter through where the stickers were

Next I put my words and my  water slides of bees onto the cup 

then it is sealed with one final coating of resin 

So right now  am making a 2nd bee cup ,  two more ringette cups and another feather cup  - so busy busy busy 
New techniques to learn - I may have a shipwreck, a stripe this week to show 


as soon as the weather warms up I need to clean up my studio and start fusing and doing some lampwork to get ready for July show

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Falling behind again - trying to catch up

 I have been doing resin  tube in pens and loving it - just need more time

Current work is  tube in sierra pens -  so I find the pics, print on waterproof label -cut out with my Scan n Cut  and apply to the  brass tube  then put into the  tube in mold

Then I am using art resin product (1:1) for its clarity and pour over and let set 
hard to see but resin is setting 

then when they come out  I turn on my lathe - (got mine at Canadian tire up here under 250.00 10 years ago )
what a mess I make 

and then I turn them , and sand and sand to about 12000 mesh  and then polish with a plastic polish till they shine 
so far 
First one took a while I think I redid at least 5 times sanding and polishing till I figured out how to get a shiny finish 
and then assembled into a Sierra style pen  (that matched my tube in mold for size ) 
the next one was getting better 

then the next - better                       
 Then I used one of my honeycomb molds that I 3d printed and filled with resin and was happy with that 

Finally I did this one that I took for work  as I love the colors - and so far the best one I have done 


Was away at a retreat on the  may 3rd weekend and loved it - loved being pampered - unfortuantely my knee was still hurting from the bakers cyst and my hip nerve was killing me (if I had only gone and got some aleve would have been fine ) 
Had a ball and did some scrapbooking 

didnt get the last one finished to where I wanted so until next scrapbook crop 

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

3d printed parts for pen turning

I printed jaws for my low profile vise  and a dust collector hood that will fit on my lathe with magnets The vise heads are single side but the v groove matches as it was the only groove file I could find but it will do the job Cant wait to fit up the dust collector head with my  vaccuum (actually I have a real dust collector unit I've never used for 15 years )  will be nice to have the shavings cleared as I work