Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Studio 2020 resolutions as of May 26

Looking at my list again -   and so far I have accomplished nothing   - I did sit for about 1/2 hour made some beds ,    sort of moved stuff around  at the doorway to make it more accessible  but  nothing really  was done yet  - maybe this weekend I could  work on  #4  and 5  but the weekends go so fast  - now its too hot  rather than too cold   I hope I get things moving soon so I can start making stock

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

More Dragon Claws

Prepping more dragon claws but with  Turquoise  Tint   and same xfine Teal Glitter from Spin it

Dragon Skin Cup - and Claws

Well the dragon skin cup may have been messed up but I got my mold for my dragon claws and just had to try it out .
I mixed up some ART RESIN  and added a few drops of green ART RESIN TINT  and some Spin It  xfine teal glitter
O MY I love them
the Bird skul was leftover  from the mix  I poured into a mold 

De molded beautifully 

Spin it xfine Teal Glitter (love this stuff ) 

a few drops of the Resin Tint  Green

I used  Gold Nail Polish as base coat for nail colors - then I'll put a black patina and then glossy red for blood 

What are they for  - hopefully to be placed on a dragon skin cup  - not quite sure yet how but maybe something like this  (saw a video and loved the idea ) 

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Dragon Skin Resin Cup

another technique I wanted to do was the dragon skin cup  - looked great

Wished I had some color shift glitter or  the rustoleum  color shift spray paint - but  none available right away  so I painted an already sprayed white cup with some acrylic color shift paints from michaels (curbside pick up )

I painted the cup  the  Green Flash and sponged on some of the  aqua Flash  to give it some contrast 
took picture in sunlight to see if I could see the shift -  sort of ......

then the magic happens 
You need a uv light - I had my nail/stamp uv unit , some UV resin , a cup with water and dish soap in and a straw 
I found I was more or less juggling  to hold the cup  and put the bubbles on  so next time going to put it on the turner  (without it being on )  and that should make it easier to handle 

so I applied a small seciton of uv resin,   blue my bubbles  and grabbed and just put over the resin - then shone the uv light on it - for about 2 minutes after this I only went max 1 min as it cured quickly 
then this is what happened - voila 
I was so impressed and it was easy - or will be easier the next time to handle and work with 

Alcohol Ink and Saran Wrap Resin Cups

Another Technique - 
I started with  white spray painted cups
I got a baking tray and layed out  a length of saran wrap (filled the tray length and it was a large baking tray )  I sort of pinched the saran wrap so it did NOT lay flat -
I then  spritzed  alcohol inks  - using this chart  to select three colors
if it looks familiar its the same chart I used when using alcohol inks with my  recycled tempered glass trays 

started at one end and rolled the cup in the saran - as I came to the end I lifted the first end up about 1 inch and continued rolling so that there would be no seam - sort of squished it a bit  and let dry 
its sort of crispy when dry and just  took off saran 
this is the  Mariner mix - was afraid it was going to be dark but came out beautifully 
this was the Valley Trail mix - but I did not use enough  (this was 1st try - the above was 2nd ) 
I just did another  inking and rolled same cup  in another saran wrap and it came out fine 
Looks great 

to do the bottoms I just cut a square and scrunched it and put on the alcohol inks - set the bottom on and then turned it upside down to dry  - worked great 
the I put 1st coat of resin on the cups 
Here they are with 1st coat of resin 

In the Studio

Well I ventured up to the studio and made a path to my lampwork station and sat down
I gathered a few things - made sure my glasses were there, some mandrels and glass I could play with - some other tools  - checked the propane  and connected it , ran the oxy cons for a few minutes - and flipped the switch on the kiln

fot it to start to ramp up 
Then put my glasses on  - then took them off to clean the dust off (been sitting for a while )  and I grabbed a mandrel and started 
I looked at my stock 
I thnk I have more than enough Boro and 104  (and a few others ) to keep me busy for a while although I have seen some new colors I would like to try 

so I just sate and made a few beads  then (luckily ) I grabbed the instructions on how to run the annealing cylce on my kiln (cause I can never remember unless I am lampworking every day  on how to turn it off -  
set it and forget it !
Next morning  I switch off kiln and voila 
not the greatest beads but  something to start with 
Next visit I need to plan  what I am going to work on - probably fish 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Getting into the studio for 2020

As the weather is getting better  I have to get up to my studio and start cleaning up.  Basically havnt really been up there for 2 years other than  putting more stuff up there, my daughter moving in and her stuff going in there last year - grabbing stuff I needed down to the house.  So like a new years resolution I thought I better  outline  what I want to get done and see how I do for the spring/summer and fall  -  Although my main show has been cancelled for this year - its my opportunity to stock up and build up things and try some new things in the studio .  going to list 20 items and see where I get to

1. Create a Vitrograph kiln and set it up - I purchased all the fixins for this years ago and have the kiln so just need to build a set up to pull from

2. Clean up and get all my daughters boxes  stored to the back corner
3. Get all my books and magazines (that are in totes from my downstairs room that got taken over by my daughter ) either stored/stacked to back of studio or get some bookcases  to get some of them out and accessible
4.  clean up my Pen turning equipment area  (I left it a mess during the winter )
5. Clean up BIG kiln area so I can get in and start fusing
6. Clean up my wine bottle area - its overflowing with bottles
7.  Work on Some PMC Clay
8. Do more steel etching plates
9. Do more copper etching - earrings, pendants, bracelets
10. Make more recycled glass Plates (round and square  min 50)
11. Make more recycled glass candle holders (min 50 )
12. Make more fish  large and small
13 Make more cats regular and  fat Paddy
14 Make more lamp work jewelry  (bubble necklaces min 10)
15 Paint and finish a tiger  or any other painted  project
16 Make painted beads
17 Make more turtles
18 make more dragon eyes
19 make more hearts
20 Make more  ceramic  pattern sheets for fusing

that should keep me busy over the next month at least and see where I am

Everyone Stay Safe