Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rolling Mill all cleaned and oiled and ready to go

My goal was to disassemble - clean and reassemble with one of my pattern rollers
Yeah - got it done and I did some testers - so pumped - cant wait for the weekend when I have more time to do some things

Cleaning the Rolling Mill and Rollers of Cosmoline

Cosmoline - Sucks !!!  - I cleaned the gears of the large deposits of cosmoline (the packng grease) on Tuesday night -  Last night I brought home some paint thinner /mineral spirits and statred going over the gears with more paper towel and some q-tips to get further grease out of the gears and get them clean
I ended up going space by space on the large gear side and got the nicely cleaned up - but took a long time - them moved onto the top gears and finally just unscrewed them and dipped them and cleaned them -  then took the gear protector from other side and started cleaning - but it was getting late so I'll finish that tonight -   I cleaned my new pattern roller I got yesterday  (did I say that  Waymil is super fast shipping when you buy )   as I'll take the top off and replace the top roller with the pattern bar , this way when I finish cleaning tonight I may get to roll some samples

Once its clean I give a spray of WD40 and wipe it down

this is the first pattern roller I received
80mm-ROLLING-MILL-PATTERN-ROLL-DESIGN-57-BRAND-NEW all cleaned and ready to go -  I have a projet specific to having different patterns of wire woven with ends soldered and bent into bracelets and necklaces

I so cant wait

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Rolling Mill is out of the box

I was able to get the mill out of the box last night and assembled and started cleaning the cosmoline shipping grease off the gears -  I got most off so now I just need to finish by cleaning with a bit of kerosene or mineral spirits and then give a was coat to keep it from rusting -  I still have to soak the  extra rollers as they are packed in same gunk - but hope to play this weekend  (I'll need to find somewhere to put it -  and bolt it down - may bolt to a board that I can C-Clamp wherever I want

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Update Oct 28

I ordered my rolling mill a couple weeks ago and it has already arrived - I just have to take out of the box
Two flat, two wire and one roller with two patterns -  cant wait to try this out
very reasonablly priced  for the amount of time I"ll spend on it

I also ordered the pattern rollers to go with it later - but expect them within the next week
Waymill is really fast to ship - same day as my order
I cant wait to see the wire patterns that come out of these rollers


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Update Oct 23

I just realized from my last update I put Dec 3 - maybe knowing how busy I was going to be I was estimating when I would be posting - which seems to be forever
Been sooooo busy at work and my daughter moving and selling her house - and just starting to get organized - last week was the Ottawa show where I went out with Jean at Nortel   and this week is the Creative Festival to teach for two days  (4 classes I think )  and the followng a 1 day little local show I thought I would go to
So  I have things sitting waiting to be done and I so want to torch - but I'll need to organize my basement studio for the winter and get going again down there

I definetly will have a Give-A-way come November 1st   and will have one in December to catch up

I have a new rolling mill coming along with some rolling mill rollers with patterns to try - cant wait to play

Friday, October 3, 2014

Update for Dec 3

Will be posting a Give-Away for october - tonight  so come on back to check it out- Im a bit slow will have up some time this week

Tomorrow is going to Toronto Flamework Technologies Inc  where I will be demoing for painted beads and having pictures taken for the Flow magazine.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Lampwork Painted Boro Dragon Eyes

Only had time today to play and make a couple of eyes
My daughter filled my living room with boxes from the spare room so they can move in to the house in a couple of weeks so had to spend time going through and tossing some things and putting clothes and shoes into bags to drop off at the thrift shop tomorrow -

but here are the eyes