Thursday, October 1, 2015


The winner of the Dragon Eye for September is SHAIHA - I will contact you by email  or you can contact me   at   with your mailing address

Congratulations !!!!!  

I will be posting another give-a-way for October by Tomorrow

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Monday, September 21, 2015

Very little accomplished

I got very little accomplished this past weekend -  I got three bottles from my daughter to slump - didnt get that done
didnt do any further fusing or glass painting

I did finally sit at the torch yesterday  as I wanted to figure out if I was going to make the grapes to go on the wine bottles as decoration and all I cam up with was - I like it but its a tad small for the bottle so I made it into a pendant -  I do have other items in the kiln but this I was able to take out at 120 without worry - it's boro -

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Reminder of September Give-A-Way

 Dont forget there is a september give-a-way -
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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Decorating slumped wine bottles

Well - other than the bottles I have slumped on my ceramic pattern -  I have a few clear ones I want to do something with

The green ones I'll probably sandblast/etch some patterns on but I decided I wanted to use an old technique I used to used -  with Delta Perm enamels - a sea sponge (I had to use a new one - I cant find my 20 year old favorite sponge - its around here somewhere )   - it's reverse faux painting -  where you sponge onto the back in reverse order to get a nice granite type look - I used to do a lot of clear glass plates like this - I also did my whole desk at work  like this and a big dining room round glass table a long time ago

the first one was done last night came out ok - I still have to decorate the handle - which I think I'll make some lampwork grapes and attach with wire

but here is the first one - black/white/teal and silver background
these are work in process as I need to finish the back 
same but with just black /white teal - no background yet - this bottle was sort of dull on the back almost like a etch - it was alos a bottle that had color but it burned out or maybe it was just a surface treatment as decoration

not pleased with the black/white  red - the pic does not do it justice but then again until the background silver is applied it looks transparent 

More Slumped bottles and making some new tiles for slumping

Well now I am slumping wine bottles for cheese trays - something I've wnated to do for years on my todo list for fusing  (sinks are on there too! but I need a bigger kiln)

I am going to sandblast/etch some with designs - even hand paint on others - I've started glass pattern designs which are turning out great  - no glass bottle is safe in my house -   the mason jars are next ....
Here are two  clear pop bottles  from yesterday and  two small milk bottles  still in the kiln from last night  (I am harassing everyone I know for wine and liquor bottles- probably drive them all to AA)

note the yellow spot - not exactly sure what caused it - bottles were clean and dry (I think)
so these will be spoon rests  - I am loving having the pattern on the clear glass 
its hard to see the pattern in these just yet - still very warm so cant take them out till tonight -  but it great to see what shape the bottles create when slumped 
again spoon rests 
I started to make new ceramic pieces and they have to dry first before firing but I made another sheet of same patter  and then one for christmas of a nutcracker and one with day of the dead skulls - both made from rubber stamps I have 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Making a ceramic tile for slumping

Ok -Gang - here is how I made the ceramic tile for fusing - again you can make this in your glass kiln but its important that the piece is totally dry and try and keep it flat - so lets start
Preparing the clay tile
Step 1 - get the right clay that we can work with - a low fire cone 04 clay
I get a product from Tuckers Pottery called Low White cone 04 clay - It comes in a box and two huge bags of clay - around 25.00 (there is enough clay to make tons of tiles- its a pre pugged clay which means well mixed

Step 2 - take a large chunk and I am lucky to have a rolling table - I use that to roll out about 1/4" thick - I also use a silicone rolling pin to work finish it before I apply the stamp

Step 3 - check your thickness - no more than 1/4" thick
check your diameters so its large enough - to fit

Step 4 - lay stamp pattern side down - pat down a bit a bit - then slowly start from centre roll to top - then to bottom- you can peek a bit to see if the stamp is impressing - worst cast you pull off and roll up the clay and rework it
Step 5 - Once rolled - take a clay knife and trim the edges - if a bit ragged just run the knife down the edges to true them up
Step 6 - start to peel off the rubber stamp - it should come away pretty cleanly without lifting your clay -

Step 7 - let sit for a bit before trying to move it - I like to get it a bit leather hard - if interrupted at any time just put a damp cloth over your work

Step 8 - after about a day it should have hardened up and I move it to a piece of wall board that helps suck the moisture from the bottom of the clay while the top dries - it helps keep it flat - if it starts to curl - placye some weighted objects around the edges - not heavy enough to squish the pattern
The hard part is waiting for it to dry - need about 1 week so that its totally dry - its important before firing that the piece is totally dry

Bisque Firing schedule
Once the clay is dry - the firing of the clay makes it a bisque what is needed for slumping -
Its what is called a Med cone 04 Bisque Firing
5 segments
Seg 1 325/hr to 1024 Hold 0
Seg 2 153/hr to 1112 Hold 0
Seg 3 180/hr to 1837 Hold 0
Seg 4 108/hr to 1945 Hold 0
Seg 5 150/hr to 1000 Hold 0
Its a long fire so be patient - dont peek and dont take out till under 100°F
Once you have it - if your using Boron Nitride spray as per instructions