Fired Painted Glass Sheet Pieces

I cut up the sheets of glass that I silk screened my zentangle pattern on .
When cutting its hard to cut through the ink as its only dry on the surface and still susceptible to being scrapped off.  You need to cut the back so you get a good clean cut and the easiest way is put a sheet of wax paper down (of course you could do it by hand and very carefully ) on your cutting board and pull the sheet along - this keeps it from scratching the dried glass paint. I cut into squares that are suitable for my beads or fusing 

As you can see the painted side is up and is dull when dry.  
Then I put face up in the kiln and its set for 1232 deg F for firing the Reusche Glass paint-  Why 1232 - well I know that at 1232 my paint melts just right in the kiln that I am using - remember all kilns are not exactly alike and you need to test - I know this paint melts between 1150 and 1250  so I just watched and set my kiln to that max of 1232 sort of inbetween and as long as its glossy its melted.
After firing they are shiny black 

Turned over (as they are reversed painted)

I will take these and either put on lampwork beads  or fuse them onto a white background - now they are fired I can stack them and not worry about the image becoming scratched 

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