Copper Zentangle Etched Cuff Bracelets

I've ordered my 18g sheet and hope to have for next week so I can start making some etched zentangle copper cuffs as Christmas presents. Over the years (at least 12) I've always wanted to do Fork and Spoon bracelets using my dicroic glass cabs and I ordered a DVD on it - so will be interested to see how to finally make them. I bought a lot of old silverware for the task and its just been sitting. Site where I got the dvd:
My sister was with me when we first saw them  at a craft show in Avalon/Stone Harbour one summer and has asked every Christmas since - were's my bracelet.  So setting up some projects to do before Christmas.  At Christmas I have 9 glorious days off  of which 7 are for playing. So looking forward to this.

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