Alcohol Inks on tempered glass - how to apply and seal

A really nice site that has lots of information on applying alcohol inks and has a mix chart  is   I bought  rubber stamps from them a long time ago - but a great outline on the alcohol inks and mixing them

just with these combos you can create some really nice mixes

I did buy the stamps /felt holders - they have velcro on - but you could make your own with a piece of wood and staple the velcro on (dollar store)- the felt - I get some scrap from work of our thin felt and it works fine - you just need something that will hold the ink as you stamp

here is the stamp with the felt on

I picked this combo and hopped for the best - you will get used to what colors you want dominant

Wild Plum

this one is called Nature walk on the chart (forgive the writing I was marking what I had in stock ) its the middle effect

I love purples and pinks and wow do you get them along with teals and greens its amazing

just create drops  of each colour - do not blend  just leave a bit apart as the felt will be come saturated and when pressed hard leaves sufficient ink

you dont have to saturate the felt 

just keep stamping  over and over the same areas  till you get the effect you want

over and over the same area 

you will see them blending together - there is a blending liquid (I think its just alcohol)  but you want vibrant and not washed out effect 

 I stamped on a sample round piece of glass that I will clean off later - or I could make sample tiles - but it will depend on just how much you put on the felt for the effect - next time I may put more butterscotch

once done - let dry - I tend to let dry for couple hours - although it only takes minutes  for it to dry

once dry - I use my EX-74 and a foam brush to seal
I use this product for my epoxy tempered glass candle holders  easy to use - I let dry for 24 hours

I make up the 1:1 ratio  in  and empty  plastic water bottle - I cut the top off and I keep a wooden spoon (handle) as my mixer and mark it as such so I dont use it on anything else-  the bottom of water bottles are great - have lots around  anything left will solidify

I just use the sponge brush and apply - at first I was worried it would smudge  but it  goes on great and smoothly

you could use template patterns to ink  - I used a round piece of glass to stamp around - 

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