When Etching copper goes too far ?

I stamped a piece of 26g  with intent for a necklace that I was going to enamel or put colored resin in the deepened areas .....
I used the staz-on to stamp and put a big border of black sharpie around the edges - left a small border of copper around the stamp

Now I had full intentions to pull this out probably within 1-1/2 hrs - I even checked it twice - and I was probably 1/2 hour out and I got the "squirrel" moment - my daughter text me if I wanted to go get a pedicure - she was sick on mothers day so she wanted to take me today -  so I raced in the house - shaved my legs and picked her up -  1/2 way there I said - O well I guess my  copper piece is gong to be full of holes or totally eaten away - but it would be good to see what it looks like

I had read about how they made some copper lamp shades where they let the copper get eaten completely away   - thought gotta try one day

Well that day has come - it was amazing - I looked in the etching solution and I could see the design from the back through the tape
I took out and rinsed

look how intricate it was 

 It was like a lace - unfortunately some areas are not connected and the tape very sticky so to get off was going to be impossible without wrecking the design- giving me a few ideas for some pieces I want to do - but totally amazing how it ate around the etching right to back of the tape


  1. It looks so beautiful! Can't you pour resin inside to connect the small pieces? Let it harden and pull the tape away afterwards? Just a second layer of resin where the tape was to get a perfect surface?

    Actually this is the way how the make the brass christmas ornaments or the small pieces for miniature doll houses :)

  2. OOOOHHH this is so lovely. And I do like the resin idea from Saraccino.

  3. Saraccino - that is such a great idea - I will have to try that out