More Hydraulic forming - microfolding and other patterns

I did a basic microfold on a slightly heat patina surface after I did the first microfold then pinched every other line to give a diamond sort of design 

used just a pair of flat nose pliers

cut and placed in die form


what it looks like after 

then did a simple "S" fold 

patterns from my cuttlebug and formed 

did a pattern on the copper through the rolling mill 

the "5" just means I did 5 pulls (too much ) 

it cut through - again I will be cutting out anyway 

the patina looks great with the pattern 

some fun 

took  a 2" wide bracelet from etching 

came out rather well 

after pressing

not too bad 



  1. Great demo and beautiful pieces!

  2. dont you just love that purple one - I bet I cant do it twice! I love flame pantinas