Lovely weekend - cleanup and organize

The weekend was really nice - got up to the studio early and started organizing and cleaning more work spaces  that have sort of overflowed with items just dropped onto the work surfaces - getting messing so started cleaning an sorting- and putting some  of those drawer boxes in place to have some of my more frequently used parts right at hand 

I have to take a pic tonight to show how nice its getting- I have sooooooo many  boxes of beads, findings, charms  you name it  and went through them to review what I have 

My grandaughter came over and she wanted to make her mothers day gift of which we pulled out the euro style bracelet and made that , along with a card and some sand art 
she loves doing the sand art - of course I cant show just yet its for mothers day 
as I played around I worked on a proto of bead ends for my lentils as I have threaded bead sticks (not sure what to call them )  they are rods with balls or squares at the ends - one end is threaded so I can put a bead on it 
so I ran some 26g - could have been 30g?  through my big shot  and then punched discs and then put center holes and then bent them to shape around the lentil and  the bail hole is very tiny so I soldered a jump ring 

Pretty please with the results  and I like the combo silver and copper - so now to make more and get them all finished up 

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