Copper etched fish bracelet proto

I was going through some of my rubber stamps and came across a goldfish stamp - a really big one - unmounted - so I thought I would see what I would get and size - shape etc.  so I did up quickly on 24g (really too thin for bracelet) but I can see what it would look like bent etc...
and it was easier to cut for now - I can flatten and use as a template when I use about 18g for final bracelet
its quite large  6-1/2 inches long - the stamp I use is staz-on  and I went around the edge with a black sharpie marker 

after the etch - I have to watch as its only 26g  so I need to ensure the etch does not go too far 

turned out well 
started cleaning up with some varsol to take off the marker and the staz-on - then started sanding 

I didnt go too far as I like the darkness on the piece 

bent it 

way to flimsy for a bracelet - but I'll flatten back out and use as a template sample 


  1. Beautiful! Could you rivet it to another piece?

  2. I was thinking about that - even leather would be cool too
    I've been in the play mode lately and not finishing anything as yet - but a heavier base riveted would make it better -