Playing with COE90 Bullseye Powder Frit on Fiber Paper

I found out about this technique from Rosemarys Clay where she is doing amazing with results
the book can be found :

I started making up samplers for color combos - on small sheets
My first one was not too successful but was lots of fun to play with

the second was much better

Played with some other colors but they turned out more like my first  and not as defined as the second- I'll have to work on that

Made up 51 pairs of silver ear wires
Cut - balled-ends filed- bent then tumbled to a shine


  1. I like both your powder pieces. What's next for them?
    51 pairs ... 102 earwires? ... WOW! It would take me forever.

  2. Making samples first - then I'll put some glass to them - I may cut up to make a small sample for my book and others into cabs for jewellery - if long enough maybe a bracelet - actually the wires did not take too long
    I had 30ft of 18g silver wire - cut it all first - took about 10 min max
    then I balled them up 10-15 minutes - then I sat down and did 12 at a time - bend the loop, file the ends - used a bur cup - then bent them on a sharpie - may have been less than an hour - then tossed them into the tumbler for about an hour with some soap and mixed shot- I was pretty impressed it didnt take me all day - so now I have to make the earrings