Madd Hatter Hat -simple instructions on how to make a Madd Hatter Hat

So I searched the internet and found a good pattern to follow - then changed everything when I went in search of materials- I needed to finish this asap for my granddaughter and time was running out  - and we dont disapoint granddaughters!

Went to dollar store and bought a black cowboy hat
     cut off top of hat leaving about 3 inches and cut into tabs and using a towel ironed the rim flatter (most are cheapy hats and have plastic sewn on edge and it will melt if no towel.
Went to Walmart - found a nice lamp shade on sale (if you dont like pattern just cover with material)
     used bolt cutters to take out the metal cross bars - got as close as I could so no pokey metal
Took lamp shade widest part and outlined onto cardboard (or foamcore) and cut it out
Stretched my material over circle and used hot glue gun
Used hot glue gun (watch the fingers its hot ) and glued the top circle to the top of widest part of lamp shade
(Try to be neat - I am putting some cord around seam later)
once dry then put hot glue on tabs and glue to inside of the shade (go from back to front side to side till all glued)
push down on shade and circle and glue shade to hat (you can put cord here after but the sash covers)
I got some material and made sash - used glue gun to put together
got a peacock feather , make the 10/6 (burnt the edges) card and I had some actual hat pins I made years ago and finally had a use for - or make your own out of coat hangers and glue buttons on
The inside is quite large so I am putting foam on the inside - I'll cut a piece of material - glue it inside the brim - put the foam -wrap material over then glue - that should give lots of filler to it so it fits different size heads

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