SUCCESS ! Ceramic Sepia Decal works- Zentangle Pendant

The experiment with the sepia decal on ceramic worked - typically I had purchased the sheets for my glass work but now I can use with the ceramic - Not that I doubted it - just that I was not sure what to set my kiln to. I knew that at about 1540-50 the sepia fires on the glass and should be no different on the clay. So I set my trusty Paragon Home Kiln to cone 013 - 1538 and let it go last night.
Viola !

Now what you need to know about the sepia decal is that if you do not cap it it smears - as much as it is fired on I find that it still some comes off.  So like my glass I want just something thin - the Spectrum 700 glaze fires at cone 04/06 which I think is much too high and may burn it off the sepia - but then again the glaze is covering  -  I need to experiment .  So I put the same cover coat I did with my glass - since the clay has been fired and I use such a small surface amount it should be ok - but again - I've coated and am currently firing so later today I should see if it worked.
pics - without covercoat


  1. Hi Deborah. Love your site and work! I am a decal printer and I am looking for a lowfire glaze to use like a "paint" to cover coat my decals. You mentioned something you used for glass, can you offer any advice from your experiments?

  2. The decals I am using are low fire decals and of course need capping to protect the image - I found the product call Fuse Master Super Spray
    you can spray or I just brush on a liberal amount let dry - Delphi Glass and Fusion Headquarters carries the product - lasts a long time -- fire about 1425 - I peek and check to see when clear (melted) and then turn off.