Silk Screening Images on Flat Glass

So I am still not getting caught up.
Tuesday night was pottery class - my stuff is in the kiln so still no pics
I screened my zentangles onto glass on Sunday and I need to cut and fire but tonight is get the hatter costume to my granddaughter for fitting and start a white rabbit costume with my daughter for the other granddaughter.  I NEED TO WORK ON GLASS FOR MY SHOW !

So I will do a step by step on how to screen on glass after the show but here are some images of the screened glass pieces.  I can fire it as one piece and cut or cut and fire smaller pieces (may get messy if not dry)  I found my screening ink (reusche black trace and screening medium (water based for easy clean up) was not thick enough and had it flatten out - good part is it just washes off if you mess up.  you don't waste any glass - and I don't use much reusche black trace and screening medium ) Sorry about pics - my camera batteries are not charging and these are with iPhone.

On clear - had a bit of mishap with this one as I screened 

on Carmel Colored Glass 
on white  not perf so I washed it off 

Once I finish as I said I'll do a step by step on producing a silk screen as well as mixing the screening medium and reusche powder and the actually screening set up and firing .

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