Image Transfer on Clay Class - with Chris Snedden

Absolutely a great class - if you ever get a chance take this class

Learned how to use premixed coloured slips on paper and transfer them to clay
Learned how to make your own silk screen for repetitive printing

Totally enjoyed the day at Pine Tree Potters - they really know how to do a class - was great communications right from the beginning

One suggestion  I have to make the process easier is to get the clamps for the silkscreen - to more or less give you a third hand

Install them on a piece of plywood or the paint boards that you can get a curry's art supplies.( They come in a variety of sizes) You only have to buy one as all your screens just get tightened into the clamps - best to get a base board for the  largest screens you will use -.
You can c-clamp the base  to the table so it does not move and then you can concentrate on the squeegee and slip process without worrying that the frame will shift while pulling the slip with the squeegee.
when done just flip up and it will hold there till you take off your sheet - create a tape mark for placing paper  so that is easier as well - put down a new sheet and then flip back down.

You can see some of my zentangle -(the low fire clay is very dark and hard to see - but it will fire white with the black)  you screen a special slip mixture - I used black - onto plain paper. that you wet and apply to leather hard clay. (On the small tile I just cut up my sheet and placed pieces - overlapping etc ) You burnish and let dry and then peel the paper off and it leaves your image -  you can modify by adding more clay colours to your  image before you apply - much like reverse painting - the black line will always be on top after application.
Here are a couple of my zentangle samplers - the left over paper will burn off in the kiln. Will show once they dry and I fire - may be a few days - They are not the best but as my first samples they showed me some of my mistakes that I'll correct the next time - which will be soon

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