Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Putting Bales on Glass Blanks

My Black and Vanilla were done so I did the overcoat and re fired them tonight (wont see them till tomorrow morning)

I have my carmel and vanilla (sounds like pudding or maybe its because I just like food everything sounds like it )

Tonight I wanted to put bales on them so I can get them carded up and into the pile of goodies for my upcoming Toronto Bead Society Show in November (5th &6th) at the CNIB building on Bayview Ave in Toronto

1. I just clean them for now with a damp papertowel if any kiln wash is on them
2. I take diamond head drill bits and scuff up the backs using a dremel - very quick (just the area you will put the bale not the whole back.)
3. I then have them sitting with the backs facing up and give them another swipe with the damp cloth.
4. I choose the bale - in this case a sort of brassy bronze I got from Panda Hall (I love Panda Hall)

5. I cut up little squares of  wax paper to mix my two part epoxy - I use toothpicks for mixing
6 Mix up some two part epoxy - I like the UHU two part epoxy - can be found at Micheals or Canadian Tire. Equal parts - I like the little tubes - the syringe type drives me crazy and I waste so much of it .
7 I use the toothpick as an applicator and put a dab on each square where I scuffed it up. (Don't do all at once just in case it starts to set fast (heat is a factor)
8 Place a bale on the dab of glue, push down and dont worry if a bit squishes out - you want adhesion below and around the bale. Just be sure its centered. Let dry
Typically they start to set within 20 minutes but I like to leave for 24 hours to cure - and even longer .
When dry I'll put onto my cards for the show
I found one of my flood lights , the base and the pop up photo tent but I need the side floods so I can take better pics.
But you can see how shiny the image is with the cover coat over the decal.  If you put a glass cap it does give a magnifying effect but I find it distorts the lines when you have details.

I watched my screen printing dvd tonight to refresh my mind - now I have to find my tools in the basement and bring them up to the studio (where they should be ) and give screen printing a try again. Hopefully my  emulsion sheets are not too old - but I definitely am  going to get it done so I can screen the black onto the glass - Once I know I have everything I'll do a step by step

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