Black and Vanilla Blanks- sepia decal out of the kiln

The Black and vanilla blanks out of the kiln this morning
fired nicely and will coat with overcoat tonight and re fire

I have been thinking what can I do to make them black and white on glass - and OMG- DUH ! I used to screen images on glass using my black reusche trace (which I also use for my painting)  Sometimes I wonder about myself - I forget about things I did years ago.  So I can still make the same silk screens I planned for making ceramic decals but I bet I could use the same materials for glass as for ceramic - I see some testing coming up this weekend (if my photo emulsion sheets for the silk screens  are  still good) I bet I could screen onto the clay and then cut it but not sure that will work - again play play play . But I know for sure my black on glass will work. 

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