Total Success - The Sepia Decal on Ceramic glazed worked

Yes very pleased that the overcoat worked on the ceramic pieces
Quick fire (again at the cone 013)
What can I say - cant wait till I screen the images in black on white .

Now to affix them onto my cards for the show and onto the next items.

I sat and made some glass bead blanks - they are annealing now  then  I'll put decals on tomorrow and fire
I'll need to make some new bezels with a large centre so that I can put the transparencies inside with my resin.

I bought some low fire red clay that I want to try as well.

Then there are the pnp blue zentangles for etching - hmm maybe will do that too

Just realized I just used up all my ceramic blanks - so I need to make even more this time

and I have to create some leather hard stuff for my class next Saturday - probably some tiles - easy and flat that will make putting the screened images on easier -

So much to do before Nov 5th show.  ( I procrastinated too long during the summer to make things - although I have been testing and making new items so I should be good)

And I start my clay classes with Barbara Kimbell on Tuesday night.

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