Saturday, November 18, 2017

Snowman Heads !

Yes I got even further carried away making snowman heads
the larger bowls I found at Dollarama - (the smaller ones at Dollar Tree)
I use the white sand from dollar tree as it does have some sparkle and its cheaper than straight sparkles 
I use the minwax polycrylic as the adhesive but you can use anything you want to get it to adhere
the Hats for the large heads I cut on my Scan n Cut  - and the file is from their new year kit - worth it as you can size the hat down for the small snowmen as well and I found decorating was 1/2 the fun 
the face I made with my scan n cut and vinyl 
the accents - I got the red styrofoam balls last year at dollarama  and the greens are the long green wire ones at dollarama just cut into about 2-3" lengths  and I used the white sand again by dipping my finger in glue and rubbing it on and then pushing it into the sand and it looks like snow 
way too much fun - but when I go places I take one with me to give out as gifts 


  1. These are so adorable!!

  2. I cannot find the file for the face and you have a link we could use? They are adorable....

  3. What is the name of the scan n cut group for the face ?

  4. Love them!! So flipping cute, can I get the name and place to find the scan and cut to Plz, would love to try to make one myself!!!

  5. What scan and cut group? I would like to join it.

  6. Félicitations, absolument fantastique.