Still not into the studio

I ventured up to the studio on Saturday - was warmer but my  studio is in such a mess - I had to shift the shelving I am using for my molds over so that I could move all the stuff form the table top I have against the wall  that I need to remove for room for the new kiln

Seems Like forever but by Sunday morning I did have it all cleaned off - ready to take the counter top off and move out of the way -  and each night this week - clean underneath it  - larger boxes so may not take too much time but finding a place for the stuff is a pain - I have so much stuff

I went out and bought those plastic moving discs to put under the feet of the kiln so it moves easier (the metal on concrete just was not moving) I had a hard time shifting just so I could move around - but was able to get in and out to shift some things - putting a lot on that shelf  - which means I need to find a home for it some where

I went to the dump on Saturday morning and scored some Crown Royal bottles (I wash and clean when I brought back to keep up )  and when I went into town I went to the dollar store and bought one of those arm reaching thingy's that you grip and it will grab - about 3 ft long - helps retrieve out of the dumpster

My daughter also scored me some free old windows for me to use for painting
- cant wait to work on those either

So it seems I am trying to get going for the year - but I want to get this kiln in and working

I have the Maple Syrup Festival on  April 2-3  -  I will be doing the Painted Turtle in July and I submitted for the Hand Of Man end of October -  so I still want to look for some other things this year - the public school thought they would do a spring craft sale and another Christmas one so I am in for those if they have them

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