Revamped website

Working on setting up a new website - moving it over to GODADDY  - a huge savings for me
been with my current one for 16 years  and its time to bemore cost effective
going from 37.00 U.S t   4.99 per month  (but got first year at 1.99)  so working on the new site
so that is 37.00 u.s. = 49.28 cdn   - huge -  and I got a year at 1.99 per month only 17.88 for the next year a savings of  573.48    and when its normal at 4.99 a savings of  513.60  - so GODADDY IS THE WAY TO GO !!!!

can be viewed at :    till I transfer it over next week
takes up to 48 hours - I would do now but awaiting an email  so dont want to mess with it till then

and when done I will let you all know here and on fce book in case someone waiting on information
doesnt affect etsy

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