Glass Block

Another Item I am assembling more for my Christmas show booth  this year (yes thinking ahead) are glass blocks to make up those lighted presents

Normal  prices around here are about 8.68 per block  but I am grabbing some leftover blocks  someone has on Kijiji  at about 1.82 each  - very cost effective and more than enough for what I want  29 of them

Glass Blocks (construction) Oshawa / Durham Region Toronto (GTA) image 1

the lighted blocks are great - going to do presents and vinyl sayings on them as well - here are some examples from the net

Image result for glass block lighted christmas presentImage result for glass block with vinyl lettering

I have to drill the holes  -  Michaels carries these with the holes drilled and a little plug for 19.99  - I think I can for sure drill the holes  for the lights to go inside -


  1. They look really pretty all lit up, what a bargain you got them for!

  2. yes michaels here sells the ones with holes for 19.99 and even with their 50% coupon thier still expensive
    cant wait to make them up