Overpacked studio - getting the big kiln in place

Its was freezing on the weekend - was hoping for warmer weather - not fun to move things around in the cold - but did get the the large wooden bench out and shifted the cad table -  (that still has to come out I think - I just dont have anywhere for it right yet - going  to put tarps on it before moving it out ) will give me quite a bit more room to move around

so the kiln is to the wall - not quite right - and the cad table will be moved I hope this long weekend - I bought the wrong 60 amp breaker so need to return and get the proper one for my electrical panel
total mess right now - things all over from the bench  on all my tables and the huge cad table in the middle of it all along with a wire rack (you dont see off to the right ) 
come on long weekend - need to get this cleaned up and install the kiln before my 1st show of the year on April 2-3- not that I am making anything for this show - I just want to start playing.......

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