Kiln is closer to installation

So finally today its slightly warmer so I went to the studio

first I needed to move out the super large cad table and cover it  with tarps outside  (my only option right now)

swept up

positioned the kiln where I think it will be its final spot

I had to undo the side sliders that hold the kiln lid up as we did not place back in when we moved it into the studio and I cant do by myself so the easy way was to undo the bolts and fix it - got that done quickly

then opened the kiln and saw so many of the elements hanging (which I saw when I bought)  so I took out the kiln shelves and put them to the side - and got my handy mapp gas hand torch with push button start and proceeded to heat the xiuka and spread them with pliers and pushed them back in - the only one I had to tighten was a lid coil -  so all nice and in position

I vacuumed and put my shelves back in with the 1" posts to lift them off the bottom for air/heat  circulation

a lot of the coils were dangling  and moving didnt help so I got those fixed quickly - just went around the kiln to ensure its all up to par 

Paragon has a great video on how to fix the coils  

lid had one dangling so fixed that 

You can see how big it is - 31" x 42"
this pic is my hand on the kiln shelves 
There are two 26' dia half shelves for each end  and one 13" x 26" shelf  so it reduces the size by  5 " 

 so kiln is set up ready to put electrical to it  

next is the electrical - have the 60 amp breaker - took the plug off that was on the end of the wire- they had a dryer plug on it  -they say better to be wired direct - and since breaker panel is right there why not -  so next is shut down my panel - see where the best place is to put the wire - - going to depend on the ground wire position as I'll have to lengthen that to get to the ground bar  from the breaker position - I will have to see

moved my shelf that I am going to put my molds on (right now has all the junk from the table tops )

plus I had to leave myself a path for next weekend - for the show to get my stuff out  and into the car

I feel like I finally got something done -  I may get that electrical in this afternoon when the sun hits and brightens up the inside without lights - depends on my mood - all the shoving and lifting etc has tired me out - so I  am on a break

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