Time to prep for winter and studio time

So now its all about the weather - this week not too cold so I can go to the studio possibly every night and I have plans on the weekend with a friend in the studio to worth with .

I had a great time at Hand of Man - was the first time there - did pretty well - over what I though I would which is great  - an who know that the area needed  Cheese Trays !!!
- they loved my patterns on the back -  I unfortunately only make 7  (only two had the patterns) and sold all before noon on Saturday with requests form others as they came by - but fortunately I am local and trip out to the area all the time so I can take orders

so breathing with a sigh of relief as my year is over right now for shows so its play time and build up stock from now to spring - if I can get into the studio

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  1. It is always nice to do well at our shows. It keeps our hobbies alive and evolving. Enjoy getting ready to make new and wonderful things,