Finished Boho #2

Finally this morning - turned on the heaters last night - lovely this morning - finished soldering the back of the ring little embellishment, tumbled and fitted the dichroic glass in the bezel

the first pic is when I was partially done - note the color of the  glass - very transparent

 same piece of dichroic glass just the background has been darkened

small flower from shot plate

I colored the back of the bezel  with a black sharpie and used a bit of j-b weld to hold the stone in place (not finished quite burnishing it down - waiting for the glue to dry

but you can see the extreme change in reflective color from the glass


  1. Holy Moly...this ring truly came out fantastic! Love that glass...rather LOVE that glass (yes, CAPS required)! I almost finished my second one Boho today....need to set the stone. I know how long these rings take to make - yours is spectacular!

  2. Darkening the background really brought that glass to life!! Great job.