Boho #3

Got to etch, cut and make a ring - even got the pattern from  Leslie last week
so now mine will actually look like everyone's  first rings
Same as before - I cant stop using the dichro cabs - I have a few ......

even got to cut another couple from the left overs - smaller saddle rings


  1. Wow! Look at all those dichroic cabs!!!! Willing to sell a few? Ha... I need to put making them on my project list. You will never run out!

  2. I made these years ago - there were lots more - made those dot bracelets - sold a lot too - I keep saying old is new again and should make more - you get that silver plated bracelet stuff that is round and connected - I'llhave to post - love making them - used the jb weld so the background would be dark to show off the colors - but now I have a secondary use for them BOHO ! these were just clear dichro - cut I think in 1/2" squares and just keep your eye on them as they constrict to the cabs - you get a lot per small kiln - need to do more of the balck dichro back ones too