Christmas Craft time

Last weekend I had my youngest granddaughter over  and we decided to make christmas ornaments -
we did paper chains,  and started using my  Brother Scan N cut I bought early last year  and never hardly got to use it -

WE had fun making snowflakes, and paper ornaments  and she made up a card for her mom for after surgery (this friday ) she learned how to use the machine and to select things for cutting - she really enjoyed it as I did

the butterflies were for her moms card and she did everyting - put the paper on the cutting mat, put in the machine, selected the parts and glued them together 

I was having fun with some other 3d ornaments I downloaded and converted for a cutting file - so I learned to do something too 

ta da 

Loved these patters there were three sizes

these were patterns in the machine I just cut 4 pieces for each 3d snowflake and glued together 

I bought the round flat type plastic ornaments at micheals - 50% off right now 
simple decorations 
consist of 
plastic ornament 
green tree pieces from dollar store and you but to fit in the ornaments about 2-3 " long 
put a few in ( you will need wire nippers to cut)
dollar store has red berries in a bag and long big ones  - cut them up so they are singles 
snow - this I had for years but I think I got from micheals - a bag will last a long time 
a funnel to put the snow in the ornaments 
so its greens first red berries or small pine cones if you can find - even frosted greens  then the snow 

they turn out to be really cool ornaments 

crafted out 

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