Update - on fusing - and the wine bottle slumping problem

Last week I posted that I ran a clear wine bottle slump onto my ceramic pattern mold and it cracked
I ran the cycle that worked perfectly when my studio was about 65 - 70 F   from  6:15am  
thinking that the cool down late at night caused the cracking - was about 55F when I went in to see the next morning -  hmmmmmmmmmmm
I had a suggestion from Rose Mary Clay to adjust my schedule and add further cool down - so that it was slower -
Before I did that I ran another Green Bottle slump on my ceramic patter from  night to morning - thinking the day would be warmer - same temps around 50-55 F
NOPE - it cracked - even more - but I did notice it was sticking more to the mold
On the weekend I warmed up the studio by turning on the heat friday night and putting another wine bottle on - a clear (not that it really matters
changed the cycle since it was warm to sit and do in the stuido so that I added another couple of segments and time for holding -
so excited saturday afternoon- to open and it was again cracked - hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
noticed again harder to get pieces off -  I cleaned and sprayed the Boron on for every firing -  thinking maybe not enough
so now I need to do a slump WITHOUT the pattern mold and straight onto the kiln shelf with kiln fiber 
I had turned off the heat last night - so the building cooled down to about 45F this morning - and 
Voila - the bottle was fine -  
so .........
I need to double check how much boron is actually getting onto my ceramic mold - am I possibly not getting enough on (I've made about 10 with no problem - with one only the weekend before the trouble ) 
it also could be the glass being fine on expansion but the ceramic piece not expanding and contracting in the cold the same -  

any way - had fun - cleaning the studio - moving things around - bringing the last of the electronics - liquids down to the house for winter  - I'll only take things up and put on heat when it might be sunny weekend and it helps heat the studio 
I'll need to clean up the basement studio so I can at least torch 
got a great haul of bottles on the weekend 
10 clear wine bottles and some more of the green glass sparkling water bottles  and a cool liquor bottle 

these are the wine bottles I bought - got  48 of the 1L (left ) and 96 of the 750ml (right)
and deciding on the next kiln 
either a pargaon 19CSD (double opening ) or go for the 26"  
I am thinking the 19 for the next intermediate then I'll go for the  BIG kiln 

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