Fathers Day Gifts

My daughter found a cool way to make some pictures for fathers day on pinterest

what you need
dollar store 8 x 10 canvas blanks  (not the flat ones - the ones with some depth and are stapled to the frame)
Hodge podge
Pictures that fit  the 8 x10  (we did black and white)
Black paint (again the dollar store)
foam brush
sea sponge

she painted the frames around the edges and a bit onto the canvas
using the foam brush and black paint

Let dry 
when dry apply modge podge to the canvas and the picture and glue together 
they already look amazing
when dry apply a coat of modge podge on the pictures 
once the cover layer is dry then you need to sponge some black at the corners and the edges

amazing !

I'm going to make some for my house (I got towels for mothers day - love them but would love a set of those ) 

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