Still working on work table

I needed another outlet so I ran one to the table - idea was to move my lights over each side
I got the electric run but then realized could not move the lights as my daughter had my really tall step ladder
Then I remembered I had another workshop light I had bought but never used (didnt like the design - they hung funny from roof and had no off/on pull only unplug ) and put it right under the shelf and it throws some good light

I played with some cabs I lampworked  for the center of the new pendants - still not happy

Looks not so bad 

Look like little alien space ships - too tall 
from above - still not it 

I think I  know what I want but I cant find the dichro zentangle etched small pieces I made - I had them at the show and put them into another box as I needed the little box I had them in 
spent a half hour going through the show boxes twice and cant find - maybe today 

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