Pot Melts - not to be confused with Patti Melts

I've have wanted to do this for ages  and needed to buy the small clay pots but never have
Was at the dollar store on friday - picking up the canvases for the picture craft - and came across the small clay pots and grabbed three packs (two per pack for a dollar)  so even it doesnt work out no big loss but at least I tried.

I made the holes at the bottom bigger - used a pair of scissors to ream it out

 and I used a round file only to make sure the hole sizes were the same

I then put some shelf primer on the inside so the glass would not stick (this is the guessing part  - I hope it doesnt stick or put some of the primer into the melt)

Then I stacked them to ensure the holes lined up

Then the realization started when I found they were too tall for my regular kiln (I have two AIM  8 x 8) and they are not tall enough -  I have my trusty Kiln I got from Sundance glass  and it two was not deep enough -   BUT  I had bough an extender ring for lampworking so I could use this kiln for something more than fusing-
only issue was it had a fibre opening - so I cut up some blocks of kiln brick (feet of the kiln but I swapped out some from the other kilns) and made a fitting (pretty sure I have one brick around that fits but could not find)  so only about 1/2 hour delay

I put the clay pots (that are coated inside with kiln wash) into the now sufficiently high enough kiln

I put in some bullseye shorts I have around and some frit

I closed the kiln and started ramping slowing - started on low  then worked my way up the necessary temp
at least 1650
Waited and waited - got it all the way up to 1800 and decided to shut off - I'll see what they look like later but I think the hole has to be bigger - although it says to let it run high and let it sit for about 90 minutes - I guess slow drip down - but not sure

On cool thing I found at the dollar store was some findings for a cheese knife - they have cheesy (no pun intended ) clear glass beads - the end screws off and I can make my own glass bead to fit on.

I found a mandrel that is about the same thickness for the center so I might try this on Sunday 

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