Last Day of June

Get your name into the June - Give - Away  open till Midnight - or tomorrow morning

I'll be pulling a name tomorrow - not sure when - maybe in morning

Was busy in between things this weekend - birthday cakes, birthday party

Got some 7" bracelets done
Etched and cleaned 

I use the bracelet former but they come out really round when they are this thin 

so after I use the former I use the tried and true wooden form

Has a nice oval to it 

All done and sealed 

Today I made a dozen of the 6-1/2 "  
Got a really good result from the heat press - I think I have it down now what to do 
works great - I can make a good batch at a time - in this case 12 
Didnt have to do any touch ups 

Into the etch  and then all cleaned up 
I wanted to try something different 
I split this batch into two - one set of 6 liver of sulpher and the other set of 6 colored 
but the experiment was to seal them flat and then bend - 

I sealed then bent them with the bracelet bender and it didnt leave a mark (I did use paper towel as protection when I formed them ) and save a lot of time 

something else I tried doing some  Kumihimo wire weaving 
Not too bad but interesting pattern


  1. Great work on the cuffs. About how much gap do you allow on the cuffs once on the wrist. Eg. my wrist is about 6 3/4". Which cuff should I wear?
    Also, what gauge wire did you use for the kumihimo? love it!

  2. I found the kumihimo on youtube and followed it
    here is the link
    was very helpful
    although I did try it with 18g and it worked well as well - I used a copper core - could not see wasting 18" of silver wire as the core

    I'll have to figure out the cuff size
    but I think my wrist is about the same size and I like the 6-1/2 but I'll double check tonight - since the copper is so malleable its easy to size

  3. Oh my goodness, you are one talented lady! I am new to jewelry-making but I absolutely love it! I use copper wire and I am wanting to try making some things from copper sheets. What gauges do you recommend for cuffs, bracelets, etc? My local metal recycle center has tons (literally) of wire in all gauges and sometimes gets remnants from a guy who does copper flashing for roofs. I stumbled across copper etching and I am entranced by the designs that can be made. I also make cards so I have baskets of rubber stamps and stazon inks- now I know another use for them! I picked up a bottle of the etchant from Radio Shack today and will play with it on some copper washers- that is the biggest thing I have in copper at the moment. Did you ever do anything with the copper pipes that you etched? I would love to see your finished products- you mentioned making beads and I can't imagine how you did it. Again, you rock, and I will be following your blog from now on! I will be ordering some Permalac- have you used the spray and if so did you prefer it over the liquid? Thanks@, June