A Little More accomplished

It was hot last night but made my way up to studio to finish sealing the back and sides of the bangle copper etched bracelets

Feel better now that they are done and out of my rework box 
I then prepped the thin copper bracelets - filed the corners and cleaned the tops in prep for the pnp and placed them in my now conveniently placed heat press 
I use unwaxed paper under the pieces - on top of the high temp rubber base (to keep any pnp from sticking to rubber) and for ease of moving them around the rubber base if I need too) 
then in this instance I wanted to test just cutting a full sheet to fit over the blanks - (rather than individual ones ) to speed up the process 

I took my full sheet 8-1/2 x 11 of my Zentangle Pattern PnP sheet (available on etsy) 

cut it down and fit it over the blanks (face down ) 

I then add more unwaxed paper to help cushion the top - I find the copper bows and is never truly flat and this helps push the film down onto the copper 

I then turned on the heat press - in the past I already set it so it would go to 170 degrees F  it does not take long to heat up  (this is a t-shirt press and works great ) 
and once to temp I pull down the handle and it puts pressure on and it starts to heat up 

so I did my multiples at at one with one sheet - no additional cutting
typically I hold for about 3-4 minutes 
but my daughter and grandaughter showed up to go swimming so I cut it a bit short 
and as I peeled up I noticed not all the pnp stuck 
I'll clean these up tonight  (pretty easy - just some acetone and wipe off the pnp )- and try again 
what I typically do is check and then move/shift the group  to a different section of the press  in this case to the left as I see the press hits better there and let it heat again  and I am sure it will give me 99.9% results 

But if you dont try you will never know how to make it better, easier or faster  or give you new idea 
Practice Practice Pratice 

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