Sandblast Cleaning of Copper

I was visiting Nortel last week and noticed that Peter cleans his soldered copper connections by sandblasting - cleans them up great - soooooooo

this weekend I pulled out my little table top blaster  from Romanoff - e-z Blaster
(you can get one here  

I have a two hand blaster

I've had this little blaster for years and orginally use it to blast beads
2 hand ez-blaster

You hook up to a basic compressor  and it has a light inside, recycles the blast material internally, has side hand glove access, the front panel opens to place your items in - all self contained  - easy set up

Here I take items before blasting
want to take off the wax so I can clean up and redo 

take off resist and clean up 

take off resist and clean up 

I love the light inside 

and the self contained and the small footprint of the unit 
works very well - I use a small pancake compressor

connect to the foot pedal

and after

Its a flat dull copper finish - so this does away with the chemicals to clean up the resist 
I think I"ll work with this some more 

Now that its out I'm going to play with it for etching beads and cleaning copper 


  1. Deborah, Please tell me what media you use as the blasting material. Thanks much. Shirley in Turner, Oregon

  2. Thank you for linking to the Romanoff Sandblaster. Our website has been updated and so the link to this product is now

  3. Thank you for sharing this info.
    I like sandblasting too!