New Chain Mail Book

I am trying to get inspired - a bump start for 2013 - so I bought myself a new book
playing with wire was fun and I do love making chain mail too

Already eyed a couple of patterns in the book  to try but it means making jump rings and then cutting them

So Inspiration is going to make me work and get some rings wound (have a new reel of copper so it will be easier to wind - I hate the small coils  )  and then I can break out my Ringinator again - I probably only do this twice a year - need to make coloured aluminium  copper and  possibly some regular silver  aluminium ones too

Now - I just need to stop feeling tired from the flu (again) and get my butt off the couch

I've been wanting to bring down a torch and kiln from the big  studio to my basement studio - so I can make some beads but that has not happened either - I keep saying there is time before the next show and the next thing you know there is only 2 weeks left and really what can you do in 2 weeks .  So this weeks resolution is get started


  1. Ugh - cutting rings. My least favorite chore (well, except for housework) - Curious to see how you like the book. I have vowed not to buy any more books until I actually use some of the untouched ones I already have!

    have fun!

  2. Hmm I too have ones that I bought and sit unused
    I cant help myself I love looking at the pictures !